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New Guidance Document for Peer Review of GHG Inventories for Non- Annex Parties


A new document for the peer review of GHG inventories for Parties has been created by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) secretariat, with the support of the Global Support Programme (GSP)...

image about INDC Helpdesk 09/05/2017

INDC Help Desk

UNEP DTU Partnership has launched a support portal, the iNDC Help Desk, to provide a place to ask questions about the implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). The iNDC Help Desk is a place to...

Guide pour la Sensibilité au Genre des Communications Nationales  10/11/2016

Guide pour la Sensibilité au Genre des Communications Nationales

Ce guide est une initiative de l’Equipe de Genre du PNUD et le Programme d’appui mondial des PNUD-PNUE pour la Préparation des Communications Nationales et des Rapports Biennaux Actualisés (GSP) . Il est conçu pour...


Chile’s Second Biennial Update Report (English)

This report was appreciated because: firstly, there is a concrete progress regarding the previous report, whether in the contents and in the transparency of the information, which shows a process of continuous improvement. Secondly, the information of Chile’s NDC has been included and analyzed, as well as the revision made by the ICA in the first BUR, which was considered for the development of the second BUR. Third, there is a follow-up of the needs and difficulties observed in the last report and thus an improvement in methodology and institutional arrangements. Finally, this BUR makes evident the usefulness of quantifying and reporting GHG emissions, in order to generate better policies and proposals for mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

Singapore´s Third National Communication and First Biennial Update Report (English)

We like it for its simplicity and clarity, which makes the document easy to access and to be understood by everyone. It shows the importance of making these climate reports not only for the international community, but first and foremost for informing citizens and national stakeholders.


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